Thursday, 30 June 2016

Week 9 in Room 9

Week 9 

Focus letter - Jj - short stick-possum tail
Poem             Jelly Jam
PE focus        Large ball skills- throwing/catching - ball control - bouncing - pair drills
Library          Please make sure the books are returned to school by Thursday week10
                      Focus- introducing room 9 to the Non Fiction area of PDS library

                      Ask your child what about visiting the school library.  What section do they best like to                       read from Fiction OR Non fiction.

School Assembly

Congratulations to the tamariki of room 9 for their performance of Te Rakau on Monday afternoon.  Well done for practising and learning you E Papa waiata.






A days learning

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

E papa waiari - learn my moves at home

E papa waiari

The Year 1 Syndicate are leading school assembly next week.  Room 9 is taking the lead role in E Papa - which is a maori stick dance to the below lyrics.  Today we practiced the actions and song 

This is the link they can sing along to and practice their moves.

I cant seem to upload the video of the children showing all their sequenced moves but we will practice again tomorrow
and they can take the rakau home again to show you.

E papa waiari

E auë, ka mate au
E hine, hoki mai rä

E papa waiari
Taku nei mahi
Taku nei mahi
He tuku roimata

E auë, ka mate au
E hine, hoki mai rä

Mäku e kaute ö hïkoitanga
Mäku e kaute ö hïkoitanga

E auë, ka mate au
E hine, hoki mai rä

Moves to learn in set of 8 moves

Chorus - down-together-together

Verse 1 -down-cross-cross

Chorus - down-together-together

Verse 2 - bottom-top-together

Chorus - down-together-together

Week 7 catchup pics

Room 9 in action during last Thursday

Writing solo
Brian food time

Back to writing

Natalie reading to Lulu and Ethan before 9am

Noah sharing his news
Library time at PDS- 10;15-11am

Room 9 happy times
reading groups
reading groups

wet morning tea

quiet time activity
wet morning tea activity

Balloons and chaos

now what????

Friday, 17 June 2016

The new R6 Pin the Tail on the Donkey

In response to the reader Donkey's Tail, we decided to have a go at the game. Please have a look at the video and leave a comment to brighten our day.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Week 6- Celebration of Learning

Bula vinka and welcome to Ruma Iwa

Planning for Narrative Writing session
Brain food session

ELearning with OneNote

One Note wonders

One Note whizzes

This is the News Roster- your child can bring something along to talk about and share with the class.  It can be a Current Event, a special treasure, favourite book - they get to pick


 Celebration of Learning

Thank you to all the parents who have already joined us in Ruma Iwa.   This is your special time to spend with your child to discuss what they do during Maths, Writing, ELearning and Reading time.  You can spend up to 30 minutes in the class and they will show you around the room and explain how they complete their tasks.

9-10:15am we will be in Room 9 planning and writing the first stage of our Pepeha (speech)
10:15-11 we will be in the school library

11:30-1pm Room 9 will be going to PE and BeeBoots so they will not be in the classroom unless the weather is wet then I will be there.  If you plan on joining us today during those times this is where you will find us.  

Focus letter - Mm
Poem - I am Special
PE focus - Rippa Rugby skills
Fitness - building endurance for school cross country in Term 3
Inquiry - Matariki

Room 9 is always open to your whanau - drop in and chat with us or you can email me at

Ka kite

Valerie and Emma

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Meet the new Room 9 students

Week 5

Focus letters -       p- long e
Inquiry -               Penguins
Library day          Thursday

Ms Williams in Room 9 on Monday, Tuesday and Friday
Ms Marra in Room 9 on Wednesday and Thursday

Celebration of learning is next Wednesday and Thursday from 9am-1pm
- Come along and chat with your child about their learning in Room 9
- Ask them what they can do in Writing, Reading and Maths

This is room 9 at writing time



Reading in Room 9 





 Thank you Lisa for returning and sorting our readers

Have a great Queens Birthday weekend and we will see you all next week.

Valerie and Emma